Highland Park Michigan “This Use To Be My Playground”

Greetings beautiful people

Check out some photography I did of my childhood city, Highland Park.  This is the first of 3 blogs I want to do documenting where I grew up.  Below we find an empty field where my first home was when I was a child.  We find my nursery  and elementary school.  We find my parents middle school shut down and covered in graffiti.  We find the fire station,  police station, and courthouse all abandoned.  We find police offices with the floor covered with case files.  Court rooms.  Police car garages etc.  Let me know what you think of the images.

Until next people



4 thoughts on “Highland Park Michigan “This Use To Be My Playground”


    First and foremost, these images are fucking phenomenal. You and that camera are a beast!!

    Secondly, this is heart-wrenchingly sad and beautiful all at once.

    Powerful work, Mr. Sawyer.

  2. Keita Yates says:

    Wooow…..hard to believe at one time this place was the world to us right. Keep doing ya thing bro
    that’s some soul stirring stuff….

  3. Koron Wilkerson says:

    Mr. Misunderstood is finally giving the world clarity. Great shots. Keep up the good work.



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