My Top Eccentric Urban Artist: in no particular order

Ever since I heard Kelis screaming,”I hate you so much right now!” on her début single “Caught Out There” I’ve been a fan.  Also the fact she appeared nude on her album cover clothed only in paint kinda helped me formulate my opinion.   Her music is consistently changing and her style is nuts.  She’s going about 10 years in the game and still has more originality in one of her “Milkshakes”  than a large part of the music industry combined.

N.E.R.D. rocks!  Literally!  I stood outside last year on the Detroit River and watched these guys amped the crowed up into a sweat.  Super producers aside, their style has influenced a whole new generation of nerds.  Is being smart the new cool thing?  Of course (as Ty adjust the tape in the middle of his glasses and secures his pocket protector)

If you don’t think Macy Gray is  one of the funkiest chicks this side of Parliament, then I’m sure she’s too high to give a f*ck! With a voice as distinct as Darth Vader, and a style as out there as the force, she puts it down.  The woman can write the hell out of song, and If you’ve ever seen her live, big Macy can go there!  She is a soul “ARTIST”.

Ok ok.  So Kanye will take the mic from you at an akward moment at a show and give your praise to Beyoncé.  So what he’ll flip, and scream that because he spent 2 million on a video that it deserved to won video of the year.  He is without a doubt one of the most influential figures in contemporary music (any genre).  From the blinder glasses, hair cuts, blazers with dope kicks, and the way he samples music.  He has managed to become one of the most sampled figures in modern media. 


Janelle Monae is not a human.  She is an entertainment droid, and I am entertained!


The verdict is still out on rather Niki Manaj can really rap or not, but it can’t be disputed that she is a pretty woman.  In addition to strange woman.  I heard her in an interview go through about 4 different voices to answer one question, and the interviewer looked as confused as I was watching it.  Yet currently she’s the “IT” girl and rocking it with pink wigs, double D’s, and an ass so phat you can see it from the front.

I never knew Maxwell’s last name, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was “Panty dropper”.  The guy left the spot light at the height of his career only to return 7 years later to become bigger than he was before he left.  From the blow out to clean-cut and fitted suites, he rocks it!  Oh yeah and he makes some of the best “WON CHICKA WON WON!!” music ever!

Rihanna is the only person I think looks good enough to be a new religion.  She is high fashion, power pop, with an urban flare.  Don’t look directly into her eyes.

Erykah Badu… oh man!  Soulful, sexy, smart, ghetto, sophisticated.  It’s the return of the space cow girl!  Honestly you’ll never know what she’s going to look like.  She might come out in a swim cap, some timbs, and a t-shirt ready to perform.  Hell she might come out in  One thing will remain.  She’s gonna be soulful and she’s gonna be a stunner.

Chime in, give me some people you guys dig who are eccentric.

Till next time beautiful people

Yo brotha



2 thoughts on “My Top Eccentric Urban Artist: in no particular order

  1. michelle says:

    decent list! janelle monae is my favorite on here. i love her style and her amazing voice.

    she is killer…

  2. sean360x says:

    Miss Hill? Saul Williams? Ms. Houston? Prince? Ms. Franklin?

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