Debt: Pay What You Owe!

Greetings beautiful people

Todays topic is about “Debt”. Debt is defined as that which is owed. It usually refers to money or assets but the meaning can extend to moral obligations and other interactions as well. We are a consumer based society that has become fat with debt. Most people own something that they have to pay off monthly i.e. A car note, mortgage, insurance, cell phone etc. I find it interesting that you never truly own these things, but rather pay for the theory of ownership. Choose not pay and you’ll be on the street, without a phone or car to drive you somewhere. Debt isn’t a tangible thing. It’s a concept placed upon us by a system that states that you are always in a state of obligation.

As awful as that truth is, it’s a necessary thing. When you lend someone a thing or your service, in terms of business, you expect to be compensated accordingly. Riley from the Boondocks says, “ Pay what you owe”! Ya damn right!

Currently myself and a family member are dealing with trying to rectify a situation with someone who does not pay what they owe. At this point in time, I won’t go into detail about the situation, but I will say this person needs to get it together and pay what they owe!

I’ve come to learn that you can tell a lot about a person’s character by rather they handle their obligations. I feel it’s the worst kind of person who takes advantage of someone in their time of need. I feel it’s the worst kind of person who uses your trust and love for them, to ruin how you will forever perceive anyone else. I feel it’s the worst kind of person, who runs and hides from their obligations.

I’ve always known, but can clearly see now because of experience that some people just ain’t sh*t. It hurts. I have to say I feel sore about it because this person did things that were a clear signs of their character or lack of. My bad for ignoring them. This person lies, runs, hides, and never takes responsibility for their actions. In their head, it’s always the world that’s done them wrong. Lol.

Real men pay their debts. Real talk. I get behind on bills occasionally, but in the end, they get paid. Any debt I accrue with someone I know, I pay off immediately. The average person doesn’t have the resources of a bank or credit company and usually when they assist you with something, they’re extending themselves. I keep that in the forefront of my mind and if I have to take it easy on spending for while to make sure their taken care of, I do.

Hopefully this person will take care of their debt with me and my family soon. I hope this is the last blog you have to read by me concerning this issue, because contrary to popular belief, while Ty is a nice guy, Mr. Sawyer is not. You may read something that may shock you and those who know me daily may notice some erratic behavior on my part, but know that it’s with love. Know that for the honor of my family I’m willing to destroy everything including myself! I am an extraordinary machine and usually no matter what goes into me, beautiful things come out. This machine is easily reconfigured so that no matter what goes in only destruction will come out. I’m praying this person handles their business because if they don’t… Let’s just hope that they do.

Until next time beautiful people

Yo brotha



One thought on “Debt: Pay What You Owe!

  1. You betta keep it 100%. I hope this cat does the right thing. He still has over 48 hours to work it out.


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