Album Review: Neco Redd: No Discilpine EP

Artist: Neco Redd

Album: No Discipline EP 2010

Style: Neo Soul, Funk, R & B

This artist could tour with: Monica Blaire, Floetry, Chaka Khan, Jill Scott, Leela James

Greetings beautiful people

A truly dope sistah by the name of Rae Chris asked me to take a listen to the newest project by Detroit’s own Neco Redd: No Discipline EP 2010. 

So after sitting down and previewing the 8 tracks I’d have to say it’s a solid project.  The music keeps a steady head bobbing pace through out, and the opening track “In the Name Of” sets the tone perfectly.  The high hat remains beautiful and constant, and the funky melody is definitely soul grown folks Chaka Khan-esque.  The backing vocal arrangement at the end of the song put me in the mood of “The Brides of Funkenstein” George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic.  Lot’s of attitude and a great way to open this project.

The remaining 7 songs cover topics of love, life, friendship, and giving props to those who don’t always get credit, not just musicians, but the everyday people in our lives.  One of my favorite Detroit M.C.’s Finale makes an appearance on the track “Until (Good Times)” to deliver a verse about some of most  poignant and often overlooked aspects of love and friendship.

Vocally Neco Redd comes with it.  Her powerful alto cuts through the songs and emotes strength, focus, and most definitely soul.  If I was to have any real criticism about this project it would a lack of variety in the mood of the songs.  With the exception of “When You Do What You Do” , which a nice mellow ballet, all the songs keep the same groove.  I was looking for at least one song that progressed in feeling from beginning to end, with a nice bridge or (B chorus) to take me on some kind of emotional roller coaster but that never came.  This is music that would interpret excellent into a jam session, not so much burn itself in your mind like a lot of classic soul.

So all in all it’s a good project worth taking a listen to.  I’ve heard few things by Neco Redd in the past, and after this, I find myself interested in where she’ll move next artistically.  Thanks for the recommendation Rae! 

Until next time beautiful people

Yo brotha


To listen and down load the project click here: NECO REDD


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