Random Annoying Things

Old people who drive with the left blinker on with no intentions of ever, EVER! getting over to the left

Bad hygiene…especially on people with big egos

The phrase “Gurl Bye!”

People who somehow make every single conversation about them

Bad ass kids

The parents of bad ass kids

Jesus freaks

Not fabulous gay people

Tooth aches

The word “WROTEN”…it’s written damn it!

Parking tickets

Bad service at a bar or restaurant

Flat tire when your getting ready to go to work

The police (not the band)

Bad sex


Argumentative people

The phrase “same difference”

Babies in bars

Horrible ghetto weaves

The loud guy in the barber shop who gets ever fact wrong

“True Blood” taking too long to come back on

Lee Daniels in conversation

Waiting on Lauryn Hill’s next album

Random List


One thought on “Random Annoying Things

  1. *giggling* I ALWAYS say Gurl/Boy Bye!!

    This was great as usual.

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