Greetings beautiful people

This will be a quick but serious rant about liars.  I understand that sometimes for the greater good a lie can hold the world together, but when you just tell one for the hell of it!  I mean at least be good at it.  Use all your C.G.I. graphics matt painting, and other special effects to convince us that it’s real!

The thing about lies is from what I’ve observed, they usually aren’t necessary.  The truth isn’t all that difficult for people to swallow at times.  I know they say that when you tell a lie, that you have to keep lying to keep it a secret.  Well that’s right.  If you lie,  be the best damn liar ever!  Cause nothing pisses me off more than finding out someone lied to me for stupid reasons.  I’ve had people lie to me about their age, who they use to date, who much money they make, where they live, what they do, etc.  Who cares!?  Not I said Ty.

In this world there are necessary evils.  Yet these simple little ass lies are  not.  If your lying to someone and it’s not that deep, please go to mall and get you some “truth”!  It’s on sale at Macy’s for free-99!

That concludes this rant!

Yo brotha



One thought on “Liars

  1. I LOVE It! Post this to the whole fucking city!

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