X-Men Remixed: Storm

So this is the initial reworking of “Storm”. I wanted to make her more high fashion and trendy. I’m digging the Janelle Monae hair, so I wanted to see it applied to Storm. I think the white hair, brown skin, and theat hair style might look interesting. We’ll see when I add color. Oh yeah she’ll always have on the stilettos. I figured, even though Storm traditionally will get down in physical combat, this one would be more reliant on her weather power, so her outfit will be more about look than function.


2 thoughts on “X-Men Remixed: Storm

  1. I love the heels and the hair is fucking fierce!

  2. MicWrizzle says:

    Yo the Janelle pompadour-esque look is befitting of storm. May be a bit of an issue in those highly intense battles where she’s gotta summon that ILL shit lol, but me-likey!

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