Mr. Sawyer’s Paraphernalia

Greetings beautiful people

I was thinking and observing how all my friends kind of have a uniform or very consistent look.  A unique sense of style and way that they carry themselves.   I wondered if people everyone sits down and planned it out.  I When your getting dressed in the morning do you say I’m wearing these shoes and this jacket etc?  I just just kind of get up and grab the first avaliable clean item of clothing, lol.  Yet when I really think about it, I have a certain simple style and consistently have things upon my person that I feel naked without.  There are some small items that I travel miles to get because I know onlyone  particular store has them.  I buy the same kind of t-shirts from the same store in the same size everytime.  When one shirt wears out, I go and buy another.  As scatter brained as I can be, I’m pretty consistent when it comes to what I rock on a regular basis.  Here are few of my favorite things, let me know what some of yours are.

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 Until next time

Yo Brotha



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