ART: The High Cost of living

Greetings beautiful people

Currently still working on the slave ship series and let me tell ya, it’s a slow, but awesome process.  While I have that care free spirit that typically accompanies an artist, I have an obsessive compulsive component that’ll drive someone up the wall.  I find that the actual process of painting is kinda fast once I actually begin, but then I spend hours staring and critiquing at a piece.

This is the painting that I’m currently working on.  This is how it looks after about 2 1/2 sessions. I’m trying something a little different with light.  That little minor change takes hours of thought and planning to make it look congruent with the rest of the series, yet visually stand out.  Don’t know how successful I am yet, but I’m gonna keep working on it, no matter how long it takes to get it to look the way I want.

(Ty’s personal library)

Education is key when planning art.  I believe no matter what your talent is, it’s always good to have some formal training in that area, even if it’s just a little . I don’t think everyone needs to go to college and grad school, but books and other sources can help a lot.  Raw talent will only take someone so far.  There are rare cases were strictly the God given takes people to heaven’s heights.  I think God blesses you, but also wants you to bless yourself.
Painting is expensive. lol.  In graduate school I almost changed my major  to sculpture, but that would’ve been even more expensive.  At least oil paint can last a while.  My dad taught me how to invest in my craft.  He puts lots of time and money into his cars and in the end, it always pays off.  I little tube of oil paint can run you anywhere from $5 to $60 a tube depending on the brand/quality.
Cerulean Blue is $22.99 a tube.  I ration out this color…lol.  bought this tube back in 2003, so imagine how much it cost today
These are my weapons of choices.  Brushes are pretty up there in price.  The larger tubes of paints!  I don’t even wanna talk about how much they cost.

This my palate organized for maximum painting POWER! lol.  Colors light to dark, starting from white, to yellows, reds, blues, and ending with blue-black.  I try never to use a pure black unless, I’m out of blue-black.  The color black goes dulls the vibrancy of oil painting.

(More books.  I’ve actually read all these books)

Finally all that time and work, just make something to go on someone’s wall.  No matter how much thought you put into a painting or other work of art, in the end, its main purpose is decorative.  How does it look with my couch?  What does this painting say about me?  All you over the top artists, making work to move the world, that’s great!  Yet remember your  work will end up being kitsch.

Ok. back to painting beautiful people, have a great week and look forward to sharing  more with you in the not so distant future.

Yo brotha



5 thoughts on “ART: The High Cost of living

  1. art is a game just like home depot and evrything else if you wanna play you gotta pay to get paid and its all about finding your customers

  2. Adrienne says:

    Right now, writing papers is my craft and this weekend I’ve spent about 20 hours giving birth to two pages–it’s a philosophy paper. 🙂 So I understand the joys and frustrations of being obsessive compulsive. It always pays off for you, though. I still think your work is always, always amazing.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Kitch?? My work will end up being kitch?? Why am I doing this again? Aargh… my life has no purpose!!

    (kidding… just wanted to post a dramatic, stereo-typical artist response)

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