NPM: Poem #5 “Mass Transit”



“Take the last train to Clarksville and I’ll meet you at the station, You can be here by four-thirty,’Cause I’ve made your reservation, don’t be slow,” -taken from -Last Train to Clarksville performed by the Monkeys

I’ve been made to feel small
A tiny speck a wreck of confidence

Maybe it’s coincidence
The impurity of me
The gluttony in me
I keep feasting
Belly getting bigger
It’s hard to breathe sometimes
I can’t stop if I wanted to

5 years at it

Now they tell me I have to
I lay here wheezing in my own filth

I can’t even fit guilt or shame anymore
How to hell am I supposed to move?

Get up, she whispers
I try and I can’t
Get up, she says
Try again, still can’t
Get up! She yells

Mass transit occurs

It’s amazing what the right motivation can do
Big as a giant taking baby steps
It’s difficult to thrust this weight, but I’m doing it

Sweating, huffing, and damn near crying
I’m doing it

I loved all that all that calorie filled deception
Boxes of chocolate covered lies
Pineapple turns your life upside down cake
Heartbreak topped with vanilla covered truffles
Now look at me, fat with reality
It’s hard to get up and I can barely take a step without sweating

Yet I’d rather be fat on the truth, then starving for it



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