Oh Black republicans, Oh Black republicans where forth are thou Black Republicans? Let me count the ways….

1.  In which Michael Steele, the first black leader of the National Republican Committee, is contributing to the long line of f*ck ups to make blacks look bad

2. In which he picked up a $2,000 tab for donors and staff at a West Hollywood strip and bondage club

3. In which his reply to questions of these allegations of picking up this tab where that he and President Obama are being held to tougher standards because they are black

4.  In which a black republican using the race card directly contradicts one of their fundamental beliefs that people should be judged by the content of their character not the color of their skin.  I know this because during the 2008 elections, I had an ongoing debate with the leader of the National Black Republican Association Frances Rice.  She candidly pointed out that all our struggles shouldn’t be judged on race.  She let me know that none of us should be supported simply because we are black.  She let me know that through hard work and making it on your own boot strap that you can overcome anything.  So Mr.  Steele, come on now with the comparison to a President you hate.

5.  In which Mr.  Stelle’s  own party hates his candor, loudness, and seemingly aggressive disposition.  All characteristics stereotypically associated with being black.

6.  In which a party that will unite under an issue of anti-gay marriage, drilling for oil, stopping universal heath care, and keeping the war going, now has separate factions within it’s boundaries.   Karl Rove, the former adviser to former President George W. Bush, and Ed Gillespie, a former chairman of the party — have set up an independent committee to help Republican candidates this fall. Top Republicans said they have advised donors to send checks not to the Republican National Committee but to the committees financing Senate and House candidates.

Oh Michael Steele!  My poor disillusioned black brotha.  When I watched Keri Washington (hot black actress) rip you a new asshole on Bill Maher,  I should have known.  She’s an actress!  Black republicans, by all means commit to your belief system, but please belive that the majority of your party simply tolerates you.  Sure Martin Luther King Jr was a republican, but like Bob Dylan says, times they are a changing! 

Michael Steele got elected to add some color to an other wise monochromatic party.  The sad thing is, all the republicans are now walking around with paint swathes, looking for a better color to match their 234 year old furniture.

Till next beautiful people

Yo brotha



One thought on “Oh Black republicans, Oh Black republicans where forth are thou Black Republicans? Let me count the ways….

  1. Da da da
    da da
    I’m Lovin It!

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