NPM: Poem #4 “Monster”

Sometimes I think I’m a monster

I’ve lived under so many beds, light is a distant memory
Sharpen fangs and claws for digging
I’ve sunk them into the innocent…they didn’t deserve it
Victims play a role

I’m never scared

Where’s the White Knight? He’s nothing but a figment

I’m something different
I’m something real
Something tangible
Hard to handle
Like a Black Crow
Smoking a blunt
Sporting a afro

I’ve moved the immovable
Made Goliath sh*t his pants

Unleash the Kraken!
10 minutes with me and it’ll beg to go home

The skeletons in my closet use to be alive
I told them it was the way out and once in, I locked the door!

Yes, I am a monster covered in glamour

I would’ve warned you, but that’s not in my nature
You were chosen amongst all takers

And to my surprise, your something different (like me)

Your closet doors bulge with bones
I’ve stepped over limbs on my way to your bed
Once there we made love under it
I hear ghost whispering in the back, even they’re afraid to haunt you
I saw your name in history books
A titan the Gods use to fear
A beast amongst beast
Something different
A monster…Like me.



2 thoughts on “NPM: Poem #4 “Monster”

  1. I absolutely love this poem!

  2. CROWN.ROYAL says:




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