NPM: POEM #2 “Aftermath”

This isn’t poem
this is the bottom of beer and empty box of Djarmums
this is sweat stained shirts and disheveled hair
ears that hum because the music was deafening
this is a late night meal in a historic location
this is a concert that ends with the right song
a crowd so amp revolution comes to mind
this is the intermission I needed right now
this is the 12th minute of the very first song
this is the 80mph on the lodge bumping base in the warmth of a spring night
man I think I love it
this is having a smoke with my friends in front my building waiting to complete the circle
this is the laughs and the jokes
a potential new friend who gives a great initial interview
this is my buzzer buzzing at full blast
this is my cell phone almost dead with calls
this is the drive home from working over 40 hours a week saying to myself, “Self? Because that’s what I call myself when I’m talking to myself.” So I say…Self? I can’t wait till tonight.



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