Random thoughts of a poet, painter, critic, friend, lover, brother, bar hopper, and grateful guy

Greetings beautiful people

So these are few random thoughts off the top of my head as I stare at the bottom of a bottle of Chimay.

I don’t give damn about dancing with the stars.  I accidentally saw this show once.  Like I tripped over the remote and it came on.  Watching has been celebrities do the waltz and give a background story on the struggles on not getting that turn quite right, just isn’t my thing.  These people suck.  I much rather hear Lil Kim talking about her p*ssy then seeing her ballroom.  Do I think the show is a waste of time and money?  Let’s just say if I ruled the world, I ‘d put anyone who had anything to do with the show to death.

The STARZ channel sucks.  It’s the bottom of the barrel of premium cable movie channels.  It’s the FOCUS Hope channel.  Yet somehow, and some way, they brought me Spartacus: Blood and Sand!  It’s such a great f*cking show!  They giving me so much!  Hot bodies, violence, and superb dialog! There was a sex scene 2 weeks ago that got me hotter than any broadband internet porn I pay for…lol.  I’m not kidding.  If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it to anyone who likes real theatre.

I left my I-pod at work by accident.  I might as well have left an arm.  I’ve been forced to drive around Detroit and listen to the radio.  The doctor told me that stabbing myself in the ear isn’t really a good thing and to take all the antibiotics. Next time Ty take your dumb ass back to work and get your I-pod.

I miss thin Janet Jackson who made good music.  Not this new ghetto thick hot aunt who’s music is the worst.

4 days until the Janelle Monae show at St. Andrews!

New paintings to come.

I love the following people in no particular order: My whole family, LaShaun Moore, Tony Wony, Janica, Adrienne Goss, LaToya Sawyer, Latoya Clemens, Amoy, Caprice, Debra, Aricka, Jerry, Sean Fairclef, Sean360x, Derrick, James Caroll III, LaKeisha Riley, Jordan, Ju, J.R., Sabe, Bella, Rudy, Suzzane B, Bo, D’Angelo, Karim, Calvin Bailey, Noel, Kali, Chrullian, Sammy, Quan, Apollo, Cedra, Evan & Zoya Rice and the entire Rice family, Jason, BeBot, Jarett Alfred, Blair, Blaire, Michelle, Rob, The artist formally know as Sarah Blackwielder, Sarah use to be Sag….I’m gonna stop now because my love extends to too many amazing people I’ve been blessed to know.  Praise God for blessing me to know you.

Until next time beautiful people.

Yo brotha



I never do post scripts but the poet Crown Royal is bitching at me because her name didn’t make my “People I love list”.  So in the interest of keeping it real, girl you almost there!


2 thoughts on “Random thoughts of a poet, painter, critic, friend, lover, brother, bar hopper, and grateful guy

  1. Tim says:

    On a quick glance I thought that pic of “thick” Janet was Queen Latifah! step away from the donut! …slowly…

  2. quan says:

    i enjoy reading ur raves n rantics. makes me also want to get off my lazy butt n paint!

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