India brings up a few good points about the new Gaga video, I wish she’d bring out a few good songs!

Greetings beautiful people

Recently India Arie, apparently, made comments via Twitter about the new Lady Gaga ft Beyonce’ video “Telephone”.  The reason I said apparently is because unless you see someone on camera or in person, ya never really know if they said it.  Here are a few quotes from the apparent rant:

“”It’s not long before somebody does a straight NAKED video,” tweeted Arie.

“Let’s be CLEAR! I know it’s gaga’s M.O. – I don’t live under a rock. And I get that a lot of work put into it. I’m talking social responsibility,” added Arie.

“I respect the creative mind but disagree with the “choices” as a dish meant to be served for mass consumption,” wrote Arie on Twitter” 

I don’t really how I feel about this.  I mean as a somewhat moral person, who loves the kids, after viewing this video I can see some impressionable teenage girl poisoning her boyfriend because she sees Gaga or Beyonce’ do it.  I totally feel India on the masses should be watching what they are consuming via various media outlets.

Yet here is the contradiction in me.  While I am somewhat of a moral person, I am also an artist.  I personally feel one should do anything it takes to accomplish ones artistic vision.  I don’t feel artist have a social, moral, or spiritual obligation to anyone.  Art in all it’s forms deserves to be expressed and viewed.

We as the public are bombarded everyday with negative and hypersexual images.  It’s the candy we feast on and can’t get enough of.  The video “Telephone” while progressive in it’s scope. Artistically falls in line with typical Lady Gaga.  Do I think the video is disturbing? Yes.  Do I think it had anything to do with the song? No.  Do I feel it’s a brilliant visual piece of art?  Hell yeah!

My interpretation of the video is that, while certain things are present strictly for aesthetic purposes it’s mostly a social commentary on mass consumption.  The video is the sequel to “Paparazzi”, where after a decline in fame it took the murder of her boyfriend to reestablish Gagas fame. 

Here we see her at the height of that fame and going far beyond her first act to kill an even larger audience(the whole dinner).  We are the people in the dinner, constantly pigging away on things we think taste and look good, and not realizing it’s really poison. 

Beyonce plays the sidekick, almost a victim of influence, like us”the public” I mean if Gaga can get Beyonce to do it, then by all means, shouldn’t we do it?  At the end we are all dead as two superstars who have achieved the American dream dance around our lifeless bodies in American attire.   All because they gave us what we wanted, poison, and we eat it up without thinking. That’s my interpretation.  I might be wrong.

As nuts as this video was, I still loved it.  It does what art is meant to do, evoke something inside the viewer.   I know people who hate it. I know people who love it.  Yet at least there’s an opinion.  When’s the last time you had an opinion on India Arie?

Yo brotha



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