Now that the Health Care Bill has passed, let’s have a cigarette and keep ignoring the war, rising gas prices, the fact “Avatar” didn’t win best picture at the Oscars, and Detroit Public School closings!

Greetings beautiful people

Now after months of debate and worry we have a mediocre plan for universal healthcare. Yeah! I’m so happy “I’m saying this in the voice of Ben Stein”.  Considering I’m retreating back into being more of an artist than someone interested the politics, I really got tired of hearing about this. 

Have you noticed the gas prices are getting higher?  Man!  Now that should be the next order of business.  I can’t afford to pay $5 dollars a pound ,this Summer, for gas! 

 Oh yeah, there is that little war going on in Afghanistan.    Blood makes the grass grow…even in the desert.

According to the academy “Hurt Locker” is a better movie than “Avatar”.  Wow, um, yeah…that’s just crazy!  Guess they wanted something a little more American like disarming bombs, getting blown up, and going  I mean that’s far more interesting than a story about some ethnic tribal people with sophisticated culture getting destroyed by a more technologically advance culture. 

Let’s see…oh yeah.  I agree with all the school closings in Detroit.  With test scores that low, and the drop out rate that high, close em!  All the parent complaining that there kids won’t have anywhere to go, well they should have thought about that inbetween watching Tyra and General Hospital.  If they had been good parents, the kids would go to school, respect the teachers, do the work, pass the test, and show & prove!  I am a teacher, and don’t get me wrong, a host of teachers suck!  They need to go too! 

When the education system fails to be an educational system then it needs to be treated like a business.  What ever isn’t profitable must go!  Funds should be invested into that which will bring a return.  Detroit public schools right now there are too many liabilities.  Gotta trim the fat.

Have a great week beautiful people

Yo brotha



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