Howard Stern wears glasses, but he can see. Gabourey Sidibe is “Ginormous”.

Greetings beautiful people

So the media was up in arms at Howard Sterns’ comments about Gabourey Sidibe.  Now let’s be real.  She’s over weight!  Not only that, she grossly obese.  Have you heard her slur her way through interviews mustering all the air she can because of her weight?  Now I’m all for people being happy with the way they look, but all you melodramatic chub lovers  would cringe if you had to  sleep with her.

She a beautiful person!  Beauty is skin deep and in the eyes of the beholder.  It’s what inside that counts.  SNAP OUT OF IT AND STOP DRINKING THE KOOL-AID! (that’s a cult reference for those who don’t know).  Asethically she’s doesn’t really cut in our image obsessed society.  If beauty is skin deep, how deep must I travel through her epidermis to reach it?  If it’s in the eye of the beholder, then I still can’t see it because her eyes looked closed because the adipose tissue(nice way of saying fat) makes them squint together.  It’s what’s inside that counts.  Then I will be counting forever, because apparently there is a lot inside of her.

I…I….I’m annoyed.  Look.  I have friends on the heavy side and they are some of the flyest people you will ever meet.  Yet never will I say it’s ok for someone to be so large that their health is of concern.  It sucks to say, but “thin is in”.  A little meat on the bones never hurt nobody, but when your weight matches your talent Gabourey, you have a problem.

Stern told the truth.  She is like the most enormous, black actress ever! Not in fame, but sheer girth.  If given the opportunity,  I believe all large people would rather look like Naomi, Beyonce, and Angelina as opposed to Gaboury, Jill Scott, and that lady from “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”.

O.k. that’s all beautiful people, big and small

Yo brotha



6 thoughts on “Howard Stern wears glasses, but he can see. Gabourey Sidibe is “Ginormous”.

  1. Suzanne says:

    I have to agree with you, Ty. I’m not exactly a size 2… hell, I’m not even a size 6, but there is a difference between a little meat on the bones and “oh dear god what is that enormous mass coming towards me?’ I don’t know many people who want to be as emaciated as Angelina but everyone who’s struggled with their weight knows that no one wants to be obese. I don’t think the size 0 Hollywood look is any healthier, and I definitely don’t find skin covered skeletons attractive, but there’s lots of room between the two extremes of size 0 and morbid obesity.

  2. Mr. Sawyer says:

    Thanks Suzzane. I was just telling a friend about the extreme of emaciated models who also portray this negative image of the “skin covered skeleton”. That’s just as bad, but until we get an academy award nominated 1st role black actress who is a skin covered skeleton, I’ll continue to discuss the obese situation. Hell, I’m not perfect, but I’ll be damned if I get so big that I can’t walk down the hall without sweating and breathing heavy.

    • sean says:

      some of us who r NATURALLY THIN have been told 2 gain weight.
      people complainted when Ms. Oprah, Mr. Vandross & Ms. Star Jones became THIN.
      Ms. Rickie Lake said that she STOPPED receiving parts when she LOST weight- they ONLY wanted her as the “fat” girl
      In some interviews Ms. Sidibe ADMITs that she had 2 accept & MANKE herself happy with herself.

  3. Daniel Syphax says:

    I agree! The truth hurts sometimes!

  4. Mo says:

    What’s funny is, if this whole dilemma had been focused on the opposite side of the spectrum, that’s to say if she were dangerously underweight and frail, no one would have the slightest bit of hesitation rebuking her, chastising her, calling her out and just insisting she seek therapy and immediate help. They’d probably offer rehabs up the wazoo. But fat is the big taboo, much to the point these wimpy reporters fear the name itself (one actually said in reference to the Howard Stern drama “Sidibe…called the opposite of skinny”) and instead are avoiding it altogether.

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