“Litterary Chitterlings!”: Tyler Perry sucks and you know it, but are afraid to admit it because you think other black people may hate on you, which they will becuase they have bad taste

Greetings beautiful people

I got a bonus check today at work, for 10 minutes of extra attention, which I decided to spend on Tyler Perry.  If  B.E.T.  could be made flesh & bone only to be manifested into an ambiguously gay man dressed as an old pistol shooting mamma, then it would be Tyler Perry.

He is one of the worst play writes around, in my opinion, and anyone who knows me, knows that ever since I was forced to watch one of his plays, I’ve had a strong dislike for him, like most animals, in the animal kingdom  hate the monarch butterfly because it taste bad.

I get it!  The church, family, God, blah blah blah!  He’s cheesy and unrealistic.  When I express to most black people that I’m not a fan of Tyler Perry, there is this pause that follows.  I can just hear the voices in the silence.  How dare he!  I like Tyler Perry’ s work!…….  Of course you do.  You’ve been programmed to.  The same way blacks were programmed to eat the bad parts of the pig, chitterlings, gizzards, hog mog etc.  That’s what I see his work as.  Literary Chitterlings!

The language, the flow of the story, the dialogue, the characters.  It all sucks to me.  His only saving grace, in my opinion, is that I’m glad a black man is making money in an artistic way “no matter how bad”, rather than through drugs, violence, and other means to destroy the black community.

I recently saw “the Family that Preys” a Tyler Perry movie released a little over a year ago.  The only thing that kept me from ramming my head into the television screen was the fact that the acting was so good, they made awful dialogue bareable….just barley.

A black man would notice if his wife was shagging her white boss every Wednesday, and if she happen to have a baby by him, kinda because the baby would be mixed.  Which it was.  They were both black.

No black woman is gonna drive up a mountain in the snow, while her husband takes a plane with his mistress up the mountain.  Also, no black woman is gonna let her husband bring his mistress on vacation with them.  There are many more insane narratives to reference, that Mr.  Perry believes that we should believe.

I’m sorry beautiful people, that’s just my opinion.  If you like Tyler Perry that’s fine.  You and millions of others love this man, and he’s blessed for your love.  I on the other hand, will contain my love and save it for the more obscure Suzi Lori-Parks, Shakespeare, and Sean Starr .

Peace Beautiful people

Yo brotha



4 thoughts on ““Litterary Chitterlings!”: Tyler Perry sucks and you know it, but are afraid to admit it because you think other black people may hate on you, which they will becuase they have bad taste

  1. sean360x says:

    O U C H! Tell ’em why you angry Ty- tell ’em why you angry.
    Tyler Perry obviously KNOWs his audience & seems to be intent to cater to them… so save yourself the frustration.
    Thanks for containing your love and save it for & putting me with Suzi Lori-Parks & Shakespeare. WOW!
    But Sean Starr of FaceBook is known EVERYwhere else as sean360x.

  2. Adrienne says:

    You’re not the only one. I have several friends, including myself, who are both critical of his work, but glad he’s found success in spite of its low quality.

  3. Anthony Thomas says:

    It’s funny, the very stereotypes you accuse Tyler Perry of you make yourself! Black people are not monolithic people, how can you be certain a black lady would not drive up a mountain to see her husband? I’m no Tyler Perry fan…but I appreciate the guy for what he has accomplished!

    • Mr. Sawyer says:

      Greetings and thank you for replying. This blog was some time ago, so I had to refresh myself on what I said..lol.
      Let’s see….Well I wouldn’t say that I make the same stereotypes as Tyler Perry. Primarily because one does not make stereotypes, they have a certain set of common beliefs about an individual or a group.

      So if you mean to say that all the stereotypical qualities I accuse Typer Perry of having, that I share them…… then I can address that. I am not a playwright. I don’t dress as pistol carrying, large, old woman. I am not Tyler Perry.

      The blog actually points out how non stereotypical his work is, and not in a good way. I feel his works lacks believable characters, story lines, dialogue, and good taste.

      Sure blacks aren’t monolithic, but having been black for some time now, there are enough common traits amongst blacks for me to speak to in terms of Tyler Perry’s lack of authenticity.

      Anthony, Do you feel a black woman would drive distressed up a mountain in bad weather, while her husband flies comfortably with his mistress? If you do or even think it’s possible that would happen, then I’ll say take care and hope you enjoy the new Madea movie, play, tv show etc.

      Thanks for reading

      Yo brotha


      (not Tyler Perry)

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