Black people and the movies


Greetings beautiful people

So last night I went to the movies to see “The Crazies” and I have to say that it was a pretty cool scary movie. The action was great and even the direction was on par. Now don’t get me wrong, the movie isn’t going to win any academy awards, but if you are into the genre of horror and sci-fi, this is a movie that I recommend.Now let me tell you something I don’t recommend. Pardon my language for all my non black friends, but I have to take it back to “Highland Park” for this one. I don’t recommend going to a movie theatre filled with niggas who talk all through the film.

The theatre was packed, so I was forced to sit in front of a group of niggas disguised as a group of young black adults, who ruined my movie experience. Out of their group there was a girl who was the center piece.  She had the foulest mouth. She talked at the screen from start to finish as if the screen was going to talk to back to her. She was such a fucking lady! She cursed so much Richard Pryor would have been ashamed.
Now I understand people go to the theatre and get excited, but black people don’t be stereotypes! Stop acting like dumb fucking niggas and making all that goddamn noise in public. Have some fucking class. Have some fucking dignity. Shut the fuck up! It’s a movie, not a church testimony.
Thanks to these people I’ve scratched that theatre of my list of places to see movies. Thanks to these people I’m reminded of why other races look at blacks as an uncouth and shameless people. Thanks to these people I’m gonna start letting these dumb muthafucka’s know they’re ruining my movie experience. When I’m made to feel uncomfortable by others, I have a tendency to make others feel uncomfortable. I see now, that has to apply in every situation.

If any young blacks are reading this then I beg you.  Act like ya got some fucking sense when you go out in public.  Being in high school, is no excuse.  All your talking at the screen, and being loud makes you seem like delusional idiots!  Don’t be a stereotype.  Be better than that.  Respect other people, and show the world that your parents actually knew how to raise a child.  Manners are rare these days, but you stupid idiots seem to be in abundance.
Sorry I had to have a nigga moment, but in the words of my Grandmother,”Sometimes, these muthafucka’s make ya wanna curse!”

Until next time

Yo brotha


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2 thoughts on “Black people and the movies

  1. LaShaunphoenix Moore says:

    I LOVE that you wrote this blog!!

  2. Noel says:


    I agree with you totally, sometimes it makes me wanna slap the fuck outta them. Sometimes I look at them acting the fool and lament about the future of the black race in this country.

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